Self-Love Journal Kit

This Kit includes everything you need to protect your peace, energy, and space. 


Social media has a way of making us feel as if we aren't good enough.  That being single is a bad thing.  That staying home on a Saturday night means you are missing out on something.  I'm here to let you know that living your best life is doing exactly what makes you happy.  Self-Love is My New #RelationshipStatus helps you to dig deeper and focus on your inner growth.  Over a 30-day period you will relearn to love yourself.  You will learn that forgiveness is for you and not them, how to listen to your voice, and how to love everything that makes you different.   Each day you will be prompted to center in on what truly brings you happiness. Go wild. Be honest. Find your happy.   

2. I Am Affirmation Cards:

Start each day reminding yourself how amazing you are.  Spend the next 30 days focusing on your positive attributes. Each day read, recite, and embrace one of our daily affirmations. Each one begins with “I Am” to help you unleash your inner strength and beauty.  

Each set comes with 30 different affirmations.

3. Attracting Abundance Candle:

If happiness had a scent it would be this our scented candles. Use this candle to attract abundance into your life.  From the moment you take off the lid, you will be transformed to paradise.  100% paraffin wax candles.  Will burn for hours.  Let the candle momentarily melt your troubles away. 4 ounces.



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